LCD reclamation at Conversant Products


Our refurbishment process is streamlined for efficiency and reliability.  Although the exact process is different for every project, the high level process follows the same fundamental steps. We begin with our inbound visual inspection to assess the condition of the candidates.  We then employ functional testing, followed by disassembly, cleaning and assembly.  Our thorough cosmetic evaluation and functional testing is completed to customer specifications, before we prepare the like new products for packing and shipping. 



Conversant delivers superior solutions throughout the partnership providing optoelectronic solutions for a wide range of LCD screens and applications.

Testing and Compliance:
100% of parts are tested for compliance to the most exacting specification.  Conversant can develop a custom testing and compliance protocol if the customer does not have specifications in place. 

High Level LCM Reclamation Process:

  • Verification on count, model and color
  • Preliminary Functional testing:  We screen out obvious failures in flex cables, bleeding LCD, etc. 
  • Deploy a 15 step testing process to examine the more intricate cosmetic appearance and functionality of the LCD including:
  • Remove all small parts
  • Test all small parts that will be re-used during assembly 
  • Delaminate the protective glass
  • Delaminate the polarizer
  • Clean residual OCA and debris
  • The 15 step testing process is deployed again to examine the more intricate cosmetic appearance and functionality of the LCD
  • Relaminate the polarizer
  • Relaminate the OCA
  • Relaminate the protective glass
  • Reinstall all small parts
  • The 15 step testing process is deployed one last time to examine the more intricate cosmetic appearance and functionality of the LCD

Packing & Labeling:

  • Conversant QR codes are prepared and applied for our proprietary traceability system
  • Customer specified labels are applied
  • Product is packaged securely using Conversant’s innovative packaging solutions

Outbound QC:

Before final delivery, Conversant’s AQL process is used, to test a random sample of the shipment, ensuring quality cosmetic and functionality specifications have been met. 


US customers:
We are able to ship products to you “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP) which means, we are the importer of record and will pay all appropriate custom's duties and importation fees.  

Outside of the U.S.:
Conversant has developed a standardized procedure, minimizing the time and frustration that can accompany shipping.  Our strategic process adheres to regulations without our customers needing to pay excess VAT taxes. 

Excellent cosmetic and functional warranties are available on all our services and products.